A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

After the events of Luigi and the Quest for Nothing, Luigi got his precious Nothing stolen from him... by The Cheat! How did he and Strong Bad even get in the Mushroom Kingdom anyway? ........................ is this still the Mushroom Kingdom?


Luigi and his new pal, Green Toad must now adventure through 5 worlds, find new unlikely allies, and uncover lots of secrets  in this celebration of obscure GBC games.

Default Keyboard Keys:

  • DIRECTIONS: Arrow Keys (can be changed to WASD in options)
  • JUMP: Spacebar
  • RUN: Z
  • START: Enter
  • SELECT: Backspace
  • [Hotkey] Restart Game: F2
  • [Hotkey] Screenshot: F10
  • [Hotkey] Screenshot (Real 1x size): F11
  • [Hotkey] Reset Keyboard Configs (In options screen): F12

Changelog (Post-SAGE '23 Patch):

  • Input system altered again, analog sticks should behave correctly now
  • Gamepad detection now accounts for systems other than Windows
  • Hopefully fixed options menu crash that would happen when using certain Xbox/Xinput controllers
  • Both x86 and x64 Windows versions now combined and compiled with YYC
  • New Android build (Also YYC)
  • Linux package now includes GM runner for arm64 and armv7 architectures (may be YYC compiled in the future)
  • Plumber's Log - now includes a smooth animation + other minor changes
  • Fixed player switch not updating sprite in boat level

Known Issues:

  • Boat shadow in 2-1 can misbehave and become offset from the boat (visual only glitch)
  • SGB border option for the fullscreen border may not display correctly on screens with an aspect ratio other than 16:9
  • Hitting Pizzard with a block bump or tail whip will make him behave like a koopa shell
  • Robotnik can get stuck on the edges of the screen during phase 3 if on phase 2 he is hit while on the edges
  • [Android only] Palette swap shader not functioning properly (Starman effect, recolored underground blocks, etc)

Changelog (Chapter 1 & 2 / SAGE '23 Demo):

  • Several bugfixes
  • Completely reworked input system, should work with a variety of controllers, both DirectInput and XInput (Known Issues: A couple actions aren't possible to do or don't behave properly using the left stick on a controller as your directional input such as sliding down slopes and moving camera up/down, D-pad works though - another known issue to be fixed soon: going into the options menu may crash the game if using certain Xbox/Xinput controllers)
  • Windows x64 build compiled with YYC (Meaning it is now compiled C++ code, should run faster)
  • Linux-focused build with the x86 Windows runner for GM included (not "compiled", should still work with no problems, and errors you could potentially get might be more helpful), for other platforms (Mac, Android, iOS, Consoles) "figure it out yourself™" - the GM runtime version is:  2022.6.1.40. Controller or keyboard is required for smartphones if you ever manage to run it over there. 
  • A homebrew Nintendo Switch NSP build is available thanks to third party tools (Known Issue: I have only tested it on emulator so maybe it won't occur on a real Switch, but the game may not be able to load settings you change or a saved game, use passwords in that case)
  • Experimental Mac Build (Untested, please download and check!)
  • Vastly improved Sutte Hakkun boss (no longer an endurance level)
  • Improved and fixed mid-air spin
  • Fully completed (minus cutscenes) Worlds 1 and 2
  • Levels after World 2 can be played without having to beat them in order
  • A new castle level
  • New "Plumber's Log" feature - where Luigi (and his new allys) puts down notes about things he discovers. (Inspired by the first LatQfN and Night in the Woods, basically a new trophies/achievements system)
  • New camera modes - Manual (adjustable with SELECT) and "Death" (Maximum screen crunch. Yes.)
  • More enemies added to Looney Tunes level (a couple more to come)
  • Quality of Life changes to options menu (+ changes to wording so some options are easier to understand)
  • 5x Window size added (720p)
  • SGB mode and dot matrix options now work on Fullscreen
  • New option for customizing border in fullscreen (for 16:9 displays)
  • Fixed a third of the sound effects in classic sfx mode just being the jump sound effect over and over (bug present in unknown build)
  • Finished Boat level (2-1)
  • Fixed map clear pipe fade dithering effect
  • Added placeholder cutscene
  • [Pre-SAGE '23 Hotfix] Added plumber's log entry that was previously empty
  • [Pre-SAGE '23 Hotfix] Fixed Windows x64 version not opening
  • Fixed unintended hidden block behavior (a long time coming)
  • Spectral fireballs are stronger against more enemies now
  • Updated Credits
  • Added Looney Tunes miniboss song to Jukebox
  • Other very minor alterations

Changelog (Post-SAGE 2021 Patch):

  • Support for Linux (and other platforms if you know how)
  • Classic bump sound fixed
  • Carrying veggies through pipes are now possible and no longer crash the game
  • New enemy in 5-1
  • Added clear bricks after Sutte Hakkun boss on the map, so "unable to go anywhere" glitch shouldn't happen
  • Fixed Jukebox text and added new music
  • New "modern" sound effects
  • New coin sound mode: Microtonal Random
  • New P-Switch Theme
  • New location for music files
  • Internal music included in the folder
  • 5-1 faded background on the map made more GBC accurate
  • EXE Parameter "-nowindow" to remove the border completely, good for streaming or screenshots (you can still drag the window)
  • Other minor changes

Changelog (SAGE 2021 Demo):

  • XInput Controller Support
  • Brand new redesigned options menu (and more options)
  • Warning signs from the first game are back (and are toggleable)
  • Animated cutscenes, more to come
  • New gimmicks, enemies and levels
  • Early ranking system
  • Mid-air spin ability

Older demos from 2014 - 2015: Curious about the old versions running on GameMaker 8? Get them from this pack.


[Windows] LatQfN2 Chapter 1 & 2 Demo (Post-SAGE '23 Patch) x86 + x64 147 MB
[Linux/Ubuntu] LatQfN2 Chapter 1 & 2 Demo (Post-SAGE '23 Patch) x64+armv7+arm64 146 MB
[Android] LatQfN2 Chapter 1 & 2 Demo (Post-SAGE '23 Patch) 199 MB
[Nintendo Switch NSP] LatQfN2 Chapter 1 & 2 Demo (Post-SAGE '23 Patch) 230 MB
[Mac] [UNTESTED / Experimental] LatQfN2 Chapter 1 & 2 Demo (SAGE '23 Unpatched) 176 MB
LatQfN2 SAGE '21 Demo (Post-SAGE Patch) Windows x86 + x64 + Linux x64 157 MB
[OUTDATED] LatQfN2 NCFC 2019 Demo 39 MB

Install instructions

For Linux users: run the appropriate "LatQfN2" file (according to your computer architecture) as an executable - if it doesn't run you may be missing a dependency that is shown if you run it in the terminal (usually libcrypto.so.1.0.0) so be aware of that.

For Android users: Connect a gamepad OR keyboard to your device - no touch controls included.

Development log


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If you can, you should add 2 player to the game and allow the following character to be controlled by another player (Sonic 2 Tails being controllable whenever. or a menu option is fine)

multiplayer was initially planned in some form, but i never had any idea of how it could be implemented and implementing something like that now would be too difficult, especially considering how this project’s been adapted and readapted to different versions of GameMaker since 2014. And the Sonic method would probably be too clunky to control given the small resolution…

how do i pick up stuff

can you make a fix for if you accidentally bind all the buttons to the same one? I somehow did that by accident and not even  I know how i did it bc I was clicked on something on the monitor to the left

You can delete the settings.ini in the AppData folder for the game. That said I am planning to add some sort of “panic button” in-game that resets the keys to default in the next release!