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After the events of Luigi and the Quest for Nothing, Luigi got his precious Nothing stolen from him... by The Cheat! How did he and Strong Bad even get in the Mushroom Kingdom anyway? ........................ is this still the Mushroom Kingdom?


Luigi and his new pal, Green Toad must now adventure through 5 worlds with lots of secrets to uncover in this celebration of obscure video games.

New additions:
-Custom window border
-XInput controller support
-New companion mode!
-More aesthetic-related options
-Tweaked Eggman fight
-Tweaked levels in general
-2 brand new levels and a new boss
-A few new secrets
-New and updated music!
-A good amount of quality of life improvements and bug fixes
-NSMBWii mid-air spin (experimental)
-New plot...?

Full Game coming 2020!


LatQfN2 NCFC 2019 Demo 39 MB

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