A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

After the events of Luigi and the Quest for Nothing, Luigi got his precious Nothing stolen from him... by The Cheat! How did he and Strong Bad even get in the Mushroom Kingdom anyway? ........................ is this still the Mushroom Kingdom?


Luigi and his new pal, Green Toad must now adventure through 5 worlds, find new unlikely allies, and uncover lots of secrets  in this celebration of obscure GBC games.

New additions (SAGE 2021 Demo):

• XInput Controller Support

• Brand new redesigned options menu (and more options)

• Warning signs from the first game are back (and are toggleable)

• Animated cutscenes, more to come

• New gimmicks, enemies and levels

• Early ranking system

• Mid-air spin ability

Post-SAGE 2021 Patch Changelog:

• Support for Linux (and other platforms if you know how)

• Classic bump sound fixed

• Carrying veggies through pipes are now possible and no longer crash the game

• New enemy in 5-1

• Added clear bricks after Sutte Hakkun boss on the map, so "unable to go anywhere" glitch shouldn't happen

• Fixed Jukebox text and added new music

• New "modern" sound effects

• New coin sound mode: Microtonal Random

• New P-Switch Theme

• New location for music files

• Internal music included in the folder

• 5-1 faded background on the map made more GBC accurate

• EXE Parameter "-nowindow" to remove the border completely, good for streaming or screenshots (you can still drag the window)

• Other minor changes

Install instructions

For Linux users: read the readme inside the "linux" folder!


LatQfN2 Post-SAGE '21 Patch (+Linux Version) 157 MB
LatQfN2 SAGE '21 Demo
LatQfN2 NCFC 2019 Demo (Outdated) 39 MB

Development log


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If you can, you should add 2 player to the game and allow the following character to be controlled by another player (Sonic 2 Tails being controllable whenever. or a menu option is fine)

how do i pick up stuff

can you make a fix for if you accidentally bind all the buttons to the same one? I somehow did that by accident and not even  I know how i did it bc I was clicked on something on the monitor to the left